Lady Startup Activation Course Voucher 2019

Lady Startup Activation Course Voucher 2019

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Give a life-changing gift this Christmas!

If you have a woman in your life who has been dreaming of starting her own Lady Startup biz, or if you having been thinking of what to treat yourself with this Holiday season, then we've got you!

This voucher gives access to Mia Freedman's 6 week Lady Startup activation plan which will set that dreamer up in your life to go from idea to launch in 6 weeks!

Alongside all of it, they will also get access to a private community of other Lady Startups who are also wanting to start their own businesses….and Mia will be there too! The vibe is going to be more supportive than a Sports Bra.

A printed gift voucher will be delivered alongside a free, signed copy of our Lady Startup book so you can easily wrap and place under the Christmas tree!

The course is set the launch in early 2019.

If you have any questions please email